About Us


Hi. My name is Andrius - founder of VeryBarista.com.

We moved from Europe to Florida in 2010. After 6 years of work and studies, I decided that career in finance and real estate is too boring, definitely not fun and I am still young enough to make something new, fun and interesting.

Me, my wife, two kids and a dog decided to open a coffee & shop. While looking for equipment we faced a problem to get the parts for our espresso machine and grinders. There are so many websites which sell thousands of parts and accessories. It is hard to pick and choose. And if you want to buy everything you need, you must buy it on different websites.

That is why, we decided to make an online shop where you can buy ONLY WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO MAKE GOOD ESPRESSO. 

How we are going to do it:

  • Whatever we do, we do it very well.
  • We keep it simple: returns with no questions asked, shipping with flat rate for orders below $50.
  • We don’t have everything for everybody. Just very good for the best machines. 
  • The best products we can find in the world 
  • For reasonable price and best service to make customers happy
  • We Have fun
  • If we can't do everything above, we don't do it.